Examination in English 2018 Business Communication 4 (ready work in appendix)

Exercise 1. Match each term with the corresponding definition.

A conference is – a meeting of short duration
A green meeting is – events produced with sustainability in mind.
An exhibition is – the event at which products and services are displayed
A fair is – a trade show or expo organized for the purpose of exhibiting arts and crafts, industrial products and agricultural products
A workshop is – usually includes hands-on and group activities. It is better for teaching skills that require interactivity and individual participation to learn
A round table is – a gathering of a limited number of people, facing each other to discuss certain matter or exchange views
A convention is – a large gathering of people with a shared interest, usually professional or fandom related
A party is – a generic term for any social gathering
A seminar is – a formal presentation by one or more experts in which the attendees are encouraged to discuss the subject matter

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