Five NBA titles in the 1980s.

At the end of the 19th century, schoolteacher James Naismith wanted to make a game in which agility, rather than strength, would be the main parameter, in contrast with American football. Thus, in 1891, basketball appeared the basic rules of which were formulated by Naismith. Initially, he described 5 main features of the game and 13 points of the rules. The fundamental features of the game, formed by Naismith, still exist. However, the game was devoid of performance, since it was possible to push, run with the ball, and kick it[1].
James Naismith continued to develop his game. He added rules that prohibited physical contact and running with the ball. Already in 1896, the teams began to play the first official matches. The first shields appeared, the restricted area was increased, and the three-second rule was introduced. These changes forced the players to be more mobile rather than waiting for the ball while standing under the basket[2]. 
In 1946, the National Basketball Association ...

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