Get Outdoors, Georgia!

FORM 12 (73 points)


Distance learning

Reading. ( 7 points)

Read and match the headings with the parts of the text. The first one has been

done for you. There are two extra headings.

Get Outdoors, Georgia!

0. B The experiences you can have in Georgia’s State Parks and Historic Sites are nearly


1 A

Get your hiking boots muddy. Sleep under the stars. Or challenge your sister to a silly

sack race. Our outdoor programs make it easy to lead healthy, happy lives.

2 G

Browse our calendar on and you will find concerts, hikes, re-enactments, blacksmithing, fishing tournaments, triathlons and more.

3 I

Pick up your boat to explore Georgia’s rivers, mill ponds, lakes and even the celebrated Okefenokee Swamp. Finish 22 miles at six state parks and earn a members-onlyT-shirt.

4 E

Challenge yourself with the ultimate outdoor step machine. Our Canyon-lovers-group is reserved for those few who have scaled Amicalola Falls, explored Providence Canyon and conquered Cloudland Mountain. Members get aT-shirt, bragging rights and healthy hearts.

5 J

Grab your bike, helmet and energy bars.The adventure includes 11 parks with bike tralis that range from breath-taking single-track to paved paths. Finish all 69 miles and get a fun “mud-splattered” T-shirt.

relax on one of the many secluded beaches while you (5) read a good book. If you prefer, you can enjoy snorkeling and diving expeditions (6) where you have the chance to explore underwater caves. Afterwards, why not set (7) __ on a breathtaking horseback ride (8) the white, sandy coast? If you’re adventurous (9) enough, you can hike through a truly extraordinary volcanic crater, (10) and go on nature walks through lush rainforests. Among Maui’s many natural attractions (11) along its waterfalls, emptying into deep pools which are perfect (12) for a tranquil swim.

The local people are very friendly and welcoming, and they take great pride (13) to their history and land. If you stay on Maui long (14) enough, you are sure to share some of the deep love they (15) have for their island home.

Task 3 (12 points)

Choose the best word to fill the gap. Circle A, B, C or D. An example is given.

A big night out

It can be difficult to go to the cinema in London,(0) B there are too many films and cinemas to pick from! There’s lots of information telling you what’s (1) __ if you look on the Internet or in Time Out magazine. But still, seeing a film can be (2) __ expensive night out in the centre of town!

Films on a budget. The cheapest cinema in Leicester Square is ‘The Prince Charles’. This cinema often shows films (3) __ weeks laterthan some of the others, so if you don’t mind being a bit behind the times and want to save some money, this could be the place for you. If you become a member (£5 per year) you can see films from (4) __ little as £1.50!

Arty. There are other smaller art-house cinemas in town. ‘Metro Cinema’ (5) __ in Soho shows a wide variety of movies but tends not to show more mainstream films. These films are made by independent filmmakers and (6) __ aimed at mass audiences.(7) __ art-house cinema is the ‘CurzonSoho’;Time Outreaders recently (8) __ this as London’s number one cinema.

See the films first. Every year London has (9) __ own film festival in November, you can see lots of premiers, listen to directors discussing the film and maybe see some stars too! It shows all kinds of films and many big name film-makers (10) __ it. There is also theAlternative film festival, which (11) __ inApril. You usually need to book tickets well in advance.

As you can see, going to the cinema in London (12) __ a lot of thinking about, maybe you want to see a famous star, or pergaps a film by your favourite director, or just sit, eat popcorn and enjoy the latest Hollywood action movie. If you take time to look, there’s something for everyone

0 A so B because C therefore D and

1 A in B on C at D for

2 A more B a C an D the

3 A few B a few C lots D a lot

4 A as B such C so D too

5 A is located B locate C located D location

6 A is not B has not C have not D are not

6 C

Children ages 7 to 14 can work toward earning a special tag that encourages them to

get outside and enjoy nature. Free activity books are available at state parks, historic

sites and

7 F

Free passes to state parks and state historic sites are available at Georgia’s publicē libraries. Just show your valid library card.

A. Paddlers Club F. Library Loan Program

B. Limitless Experiences G. Events and Ranger Programs

C. Get Outdoors Badge H. Get a Free Entrance

D. Canyon Car Tour I. Get Out. Get Dirty. Get Fit.

E. Canyon Climbers Club J. Muddy Bicycles Club

Language Use. (45 points)

Task 1 (10 points)

Use the appropriate forms of the words given in BLOCK letters to complete the sentences. An example (*) has been done for you.


Today’s higher salaries and GREAT spending power have led to the problem* GREATER

of our buying things which are completely NECESSARY, simply for 1. UNNECESSARY

the sake of it. Now that more people have the FINANCE means 2. FINANCIAL

to do this, shopping has almost become a NATION pastime. We 3. NATIONAL

pay a small “fortune” for clothes with DESIGH labels, even 4. DESIGNERS

though there are high quality, cheaper ALTERNATE . We want 5. ALTERNATIVE

“timesaving” ELECTRIC appliances, but in fact we usually have the 6. ELECTRICIAN

ABLE to do the same chores just as quickly by hand. Let’s get rid 7. ABILITY

of these useless POSSESS ! Take all your old clothes, children’s toys 8. POSSESSION

and so on, and give them to a deserving charity ORGANISE. Ridding 9. ORGANISATIONS

yourself of unwanted goods gives a sense of FREE which is a 10. FREEDOM

joy to experience!

Task 2 (15 points)

For the gaps 1-15, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space.

are, where, so, there, out, for, which, along, in, to, type, enough, read, and, have

The holiday of a lifetime.

Thinking of getting away from (0) it all? Well, you need look no further! Take a trip to Maui, one of Hawaii’s largest islands. You’ll find a place which is (1) so wonderful that it will make you want to stay (2) there forever.

Enjoy the unbelievable beauty (3) which makes this Hawaiian island so remarkable. With the wide range of activities Maui offers, there is something (4) to suit everyone’s tastes. You can just

7 A other B the other C another D others

8 A voted B were voting C had voted D votes

9 A it’s B their C his D its

10 A had visited B have visited C are visited D has visited

11 A goes B lasts C runs D takes

12 A gives B requires C does D necessary

Task 4 (8 points)

Complete the gap with ONE suitable word.

Shopping in London by John Kirks

When I (1) go to London one of my favourite things to do is shopping! I (2) ) really enjoy hunting around for a bargain in the sales or buying something new to wear out (3) ) on a Saturday night.

There are(4) many different places to go shopping in London.If you’re looking for expensive and famous shops, you can go toOxfordStreet, but keep in mind, it gets too busy sometimes; it can (5) ) be difficult to go anywhere!

For a less crowded, more relaxing shopping experience, go to Covent Garden, you can

have a delicious cappuccino, and watch some street theatre at the same time.

Some people like shopping in department stores,the (6) most famous one in London is ‘Harrods’ in Knights bridge, but for me, it’s not modern enough, and too expensive. Just down the road is ‘Harvey Nics’, however, the best of all big department stores is Selfridges ’in Oxford Street, it (7) is a shoppers’ paradise.

If you’re not into spending money, a bit of window-shopping can be good for you – it (8) doesn’t cost a penny. Sometimes I’ll spend hours just wandering around a market having a chat with my friends.

Writing. (10 points)

Your classmate Justin has invited you to his birthday party but you won’t be able to come. Write an e-mail to him (40-60 words). In your e-mail you should:

• apologise to him;

• explain why you cannot come;

• suggest where and when you could meet later.

Content – 2 points

Lay out – 2 points

Language Use– 2 points

Vocabulary– 2 points

Spelling– 2 points

Dear Justin,

I am deeply sorry. But I can’t visit your birthday. I am really embarrassed for the same.

I am unable to come because I must go to my grandfather’s birthday.

Can we meet someday next weekend?

I look forward to see you.

Sincerely yours.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1-6,5 7-14 14,5-23,5 24-32,5 33-42,5 43-51,5 52-60,5 61-67,5 68-71 71,5-73

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